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7 months and boy are we growing!

posted Dec 8, 2010, 6:00 PM by Melissa Burke   [ updated Dec 8, 2010, 6:07 PM ]

Long time...no write.  I know, I know.  But I've got to hand it to these boys...they definitely know how to keep me busy :)  We've been having a grand ole time these last few months, learning tons of new tricks and trying out new things every day.  We have now officially mastered the "sit" (see the video below) and are ever so close to taking our first crawl, much to my dismay.  How terrifying to have 2 seven-month-olds crawling at a mad dash in opposite directions!!  Need to start working on baby-proofing ASAP!  We have also been expanding our palate having now dined on rice cereal, oatmeal, avacados, sweet potatoes, peas, carrots, squash, and the latest - bananas!!!  I think these boys have a hollow leg or something because they just always seem to want to eat.  They have yet to refuse a single bite.  Let's see what happens when we move to black beans after bananas though...could be a whole different story.
We're really looking forward to celebrating our first Christmas in just a few weeks and settling into our new house here in Raleigh.  Everyone please come visit!!

Mastering the sit

Month 4

posted Sep 25, 2010, 9:22 AM by Melissa Burke   [ updated Sep 25, 2010, 9:24 AM ]

Ok, I have finally come to the realization that I will never write this blog if I try to sit down for an hour and write something in prose, so this month, I have decided to use all my consulting skills and just give you the highlights of Jackson and Tyler’s last month (in bullet points, of course):


  • Spent our final days in SF trying to soak in as much of the city as we could, including hikes in Marin and up Mt. Tam
  • Stumbled into a professional photo shoot with a friend of a friend and now the boys are going to be featured in the library of CPMC’s Newborn Connections and potentially DayOne in SF J  (see the pictures page for some highlights from the session)
  • Drove down CA Hwy 1 and met up with Noa & Warren in Carmel, Micah, Julie & Miller in Ojai, and made a stopover in Paso Robles
  • Last SF pediatrician appointment on 8/30 (just about 4 months old): Jackson weighed in at 11 lbs, 12 oz; Tyler 11 lbs, 7 oz.  Both were 23 inches long.
  • Moved…won’t go into too much detail here because I am trying to block the nightmare from my mind (picture the boys sleeping in their pack-n-play in the garage in SF while the movers were still going at 11pm at night)
  • First flight and the boys did great!!  We didn’t even really need to give out the free Southwest drink tickets to everyone around us as a bribe J (thanks, Bowermans, for that great idea!)
  • Settling into life in Raleigh by embracing suburbia – buy a car, buy a house, shop at Target and Bed Bath & Beyond whenever possible
  • Boys went for their first swim and LOVED it!!  Water was freezing but they couldn’t care less.  Tried again in the Chesapeake and they could have stayed in there all day.  We might have some water bugs on our hands.
  • Came up to VA to visit CC, Pop and Auntie Colleen and got to meet Uncle Joseph, Auntie Sara, and Cousins Alban (3) and Miles (4 months – 8 days younger than Jackson and Tyler) – it’s going to be fun next summer for these four!


And we’ve accomplished the following milestones the last month:
  • The boys are starting to recognize that the other exists, at least we think so.  Tyler seems much more interested in Jackson, especially trying to grab what isn’t his while they are eating
  • Starting to roll over on their own (tummy to back) – Tyler is a bit more advanced than Jax on this one
  • Smiling and laughing all the time now although Jackson seems to be the more serious of the two
  • Now sleeping through the night – 7pm to 7am…hooray for this one!!
  • Starting to get their first teeth…at least we think that is what all the fussing is about
  • Sticking their tongues out, blowing bubbles, chewing their bottom lip, sucking thumbs and sometimes entire fists
  • Latest diaper count: Jackson 1038, Tyler 1026 (yep, we’ve passed the thousand mark…wait, I guess that is the two thousand mark…ahhh!)


So, after a CRAZY month, things are finally settling down (a little).  James starts his new job on Monday (9/27) and hopefully we will start settling into more of a routine.  Still looking for a house, but we are trying not to rush it as the living situation is pretty comfy at the ole parents house for now ;) – I forgot how nice it is to have home cooked meals prepared for you every night – ha, ha (thanks, Mom!).  I will try to get the Month 5 update up a little sooner this next month…seriously!!

Three months…hooray!!!

posted Aug 7, 2010, 11:15 AM by Melissa Burke   [ updated Aug 7, 2010, 11:26 AM ]

Sleep…what a precious gift that no one cherishes until they don’t get enough.  Boy do we cherish sleep right about now.  Good news is that we have crossed over the threshold.  The boys have started sleeping through the night exactly on their three month birthday last Wednesday (8/4).  I guess there is something to be said about the magical 3-month mark.  Let’s be fair though – sleeping through the night really isn’t as magical as it sounds.  In technical terms, it only means they will sleep 6 hours at a time.  So the boys are now sleeping 11pm-5am…not amazing…but we will take anything we can get.


In addition to sleep, we reached a couple of other milestones…smiles and sitting up.  The boys are now smiling more and more, and Tyler especially loves his time spent on the changing table for some reason…guaranteed smiles.  Quite a difference from his first 8 weeks when he screamed uncontrollably while on it.  Kids…they’re always changing their minds!!  They have also mastered the art of sitting up – assisted of course – in the corner of chairs and the couch.  It’s fun to see them propped up all by themselves!


We have had a fun last month.  Tyler & Jackson met their Uncle Brian and Auntie Amy and Cousins Andrew and Joseph up in Sonoma.  We have also been trying to pack in as much Bay Area fun as we can in our final few weeks here before we head back east.  Most recent activities have included lunch in Napa at our favorite winery Pine Ridge, a hike in Marin to Tennessee Valley Beach, visits with SF friends (Margaret, Betsy, Adam & Whitney, Andy & Brandi, Chad & Eliza, Noah & Angie), the Impressionist exhibit at the De Young Museum, and strolls through Golden Gate Park.  Unfortunately, the weather has been simply awful here – 60 and foggy most days – so we haven’t been able to go on our daily stroll everyday, but we are making due with bundling the boys up and getting out as much as we can.  Bring on the NC heat (remind of this next summer when we are dying)!!


As of last Monday, Jackson was 9 lbs, 13.5 oz and Tyler was 9 lbs, 12 oz.  We fully expect that they are now crossing the 10 lb mark.  Quite a jump from their 4 lb starting point.  We are now finally fitting into their 0-3 month clothes and have outgrown the newborn-sized diapers.  Amazing!


Next up on the agenda for this coming month: a trip down the coast to Carmel, Ojai and Paso Robles where we will meet up with friends Noa & Warren and Micah, Julie & Miller, another trip up to Napa for a Bain family offsite, and the exciting business of packing up.  Good thing we have people to do all the dirty work.  Next month from North Carolina…
Plenty of smiles from Tyler
Sitting up in our chair (Tyler on L)
Jackson meeting Cousin Andrew
Bundled up to go outside - the coldest winter I ever spent, indeed!!
Looking more and more alike (Tyler on L)

Happy Fourth...Happy 2 months!!

posted Jul 7, 2010, 12:12 AM by Melissa Burke   [ updated Jul 7, 2010, 12:26 AM ]

The day has finally come…Jackson and Tyler have finally reached the average newborn baby size…woohoo!!  As of last Friday, both boys weighed in at a whopping 7 lbs, 8.5 oz (yep, identical down to the ½ ounce…amazing) – that’s about 3 pounds more than their birth weight.  They were right on track, gaining over a pound in the last 16 days, and our pediatrician was really happy with their trajectory.  It was sad to watch them get 3 shots for their immunizations this visit, but they only cried for a few minutes and then they were good as new.  I think they are going to be tough little guys!!


The boys are definitely livelier now and making us laugh with their funny expressions everyday.  Still no deliberate smiling, but we are crossing our fingers that it will happen any day now.


The weekend of the fourth we made a fun getaway to Sonoma to hang out with some SF friends for the day on Saturday.  Jackson and Tyler enjoyed their first winery visit and took advantage of a long nap in the 80+ degree weather (they love the heat for some reason).  Unfortunately, San Francisco was not so pleasant on the actual holiday.  Fifty degrees and gale force winds kept us inside for the fireworks but we still had fun watching the DC ones on TV (yes, it has come to that) and eating the boys’ cupcakes to celebrate 2 months.  Has it really already been that long?!?


We are now making good use of our Moby wrap and other front carriers as the boys still seem to have their days and nights mixed up.  Typically they are almost too tired to eat at the morning feedings and too awake to sleep come 11pm.  Luckily, they like being worn around the house and that usually does the trick if all else fails.  We also discovered another fail safe…the hairdryer.  Turn that thing on and they are like putty in our hands.  It’s amazing!  I want to buy one for every room.


The boys are looking forward to meeting their cousins, Andrew (4 years old) & Joseph (1 year old), and their Aunt Amy and Uncle Brian this coming weekend as we venture up to Sonoma again.  We have a pool at the house we rented and I managed to find some teeny swim trunks so we will see how the first swim goes.  My guess is they won’t like it too much, but we’ll keep you posted…
I pledge allegiance to the flag...
Who needs cupcakes when I can eat my brother?
First winery visit
Tyler lovin' the Moby wrap
Sleep time...yep, we know, they're awake

Week 7

posted Jun 23, 2010, 2:46 PM by Melissa Burke   [ updated Jun 23, 2010, 2:55 PM ]

Sorry for the delay in this latest post.  Honestly, until this last week, I didn’t even realize that people read it, but after multiple requests, I will try to be more consistent J  The boys continue to amaze us.  As of last Wednesday (6/16), Jackson was 6 lbs, 5 oz and Tyler was 6 lbs, 6 oz.  They had both grown 1 lb over the last 2 weeks…right on track and the pediatrician was happy with their progress.  As of Monday, they have now officially outgrown their preemie diapers and are well into their newborn-sized clothes.  We have some cute ones (many that you all have sent to us), so we are excited to explore a new drawer!


Over the last few weeks, the boys battled through a case of baby acne (so sad) so they shied away from the camera for a little while, but it looks like they are now over the worst of it and have now progressed to the gassy stage.  6-10pm seems to be their worst time and needless to say, our nice Father’s Day home-cooked dinner did not proceed as smoothly as planned.  We ended up bagging it and James and I both scarfed down what we could individually while the other dealt with the two screaming babies.  Ahh, they say 6-8 weeks is the worst time for this so hopefully they will outgrow this phase as well.  Here’s hoping!


I think they are on the verge of recognizing that the other one is there, although I have heard from other twin moms that it usually doesn’t happen until ~3 months.  On Father’s Day, James was holding them both and Jackson was screaming.  Tyler looked over at him and put his hand directly in Jackson’s mouth.  It was like he was saying “shhhh, I am trying to relax here.”  We laughed so hard.


Seems like it is so hard to get anything done lately.  Thank you to all of you who have sent adorable gifts and I sincerely apologize that I haven’t managed to send out thank you’s just yet.  You all have been so generous and we are truly thankful to count you all as friends and family.  You will be getting a note in the mail soon…I promise!!  I know we are also overdue to send out our announcements, so we attempted to conduct a pseudo-photo shoot at home earlier this week.  Let’s just say that the boys did not totally cooperate so we are without a picture just yet.  Am hoping to snap one very soon and hopefully get these puppies in the mail before they turn 6 months, but no promises ;)


Latest diaper count as of 3pm today is 863…Jackson at 435, Tyler at 428.  And Jackson takes the lead!!
Tyler very upset about his baby acne
Photo shoot gone awry
Photo shoot take 2 -
yes, Jackson is trying to eat Tyler's thigh...
this went on for awhile
Father's day - Tyler says, "shhh, Jax"
Jackson upset...Tyler offering a comforting pat

Happy 1 month!!

posted Jun 5, 2010, 4:05 PM by Melissa Burke   [ updated Jun 5, 2010, 4:49 PM ]

I can't believe it but we celebrated the boys 1 month birthday yesterday - June 4th.  They are growing like gangbusters now.  Last appointment on Wed, Jackson was 5 lbs, 5 oz and Tyler was 5 lbs, 6 oz - each packed on almost a pound in the last 2 weeks.  They are starting to develop their own little personalities as well now that they are up and awake a little more of the day.  Early readings are that Jackson is a bit more calm & collected and Tyler a little more emotional & excitable.  Maybe there is something to be said for Jax taking after James and Ty after me ;)
The days continue to fly by but with the weather so gorgeous in SF we have been enjoying some wonderful strolls with Pop & CC (James' parents).  We also enjoyed a visit from Miss Casey, celebrated my birthday (31!!), and waved hello to the boys actual 40-week due date (June 3rd).  It's amazing that they have already been with us for 30+ days - feels like yesterday when we were first admitted to the hospital in early April.  Boy, how thankful we are everyday for our double blessing!!

Play time!!

 Fun on our farm mat (Jackson on L)
Jackson chillaxing
Tyler hiding from the camera
Strolling through SF with CC, Pop and James' Aunt Beth
(Golden Gate in the background)

Week 3

posted May 25, 2010, 8:21 PM by Melissa Burke   [ updated May 25, 2010, 11:29 PM ]

It's now over 20 days since we brought our little guys home from the hospital and I can't believe how time is flying by!  The boys are definitely growing more and more alike by the day but James and I have managed to tell them apart so far, although occasionally we must admit that we have to do a double take.  Jackson's head is still longer and narrower then Tyler's - the only tell tale difference we have spotted.  We had a fun week and the boys are definitely staying awake more often and growing stronger by the day.  Both of them have managed to figure out how to break out of their swaddles - we are working on some tighter wrapping techniques.  We enjoyed some fashion shows of our new clothes...many still a little too big for us.  We said goodbye to Grammy today after 3 weeks of amazing help looking after all of us.  We will miss her tons!!  And finally, although we don't really recognize that the other brother is there most of the time, there have been a few moments (mostly involving dire hunger) when there may have been a glimmer of recognition.
And for those interested in the stats...over the last 3 weeks (well at least since we got home from the hospital on May 8), our handy dandy ipod app says that we have changed 369 diapers (188 for Tyler, 181 for Jackson - they are neck in neck). Oh my!
Tyler demonstrating his Houdini tricks with his swaddle
(unclear why he decided to leave his arms at his side)
Trying on some new looks...
might need to wait a little while for this one to fit
(doesn't he look like a Bishop?)
Ahh, brotherly love...actually they are just starving and after the shoulder and elbow didn't appear promising, they went for the lips

2 weeks and counting...

posted May 19, 2010, 5:22 PM by Melissa Burke   [ updated May 19, 2010, 9:48 PM ]

We hit the 2 week mark yesterday and it has been fun to see the boys really start to grow.  As of Monday, Tyler was back at his birth weight (4 lbs, 11 oz) and Jackson was well beyond (4 lbs, 9 oz up from 4 lb, 4 oz), so the pediatrician was happy.  As their weight converges they are starting to look more and more alike.  We are hoping there aren't any sudden changes overnight or we might start confusing them!!  The boys are enjoying more awake time now and have been having fun hanging out in their boppy seats and bouncy chairs and just looking around and taking in their surroundings.  We celebrated their 2 week birthday with Jackson losing his umbilical cord even though Tyler's has been threatening for several days now (it is still attached as I write this).  They have also now located their hands and constantly seem to be putting them in their mouths - surely much more to come there.  We also enjoyed a visit from Mike & Kelly, our first shampoo, some brotherly love time, and said goodbye to Poppy for a little while.  We still haven't made it out on that stroll because the weather has been too cold/rainy and the days seem to just fly by, but are hoping to try it out in the next few days.
Starting to look more alike...
Jackson relaxing after his shampoo
Stoic Tyler after a good burp
Sneaking in a little kiss
(unclear if Jackson (R) is happy about it)

Happy 1 week birthday!!

posted May 12, 2010, 10:19 AM by Melissa Burke   [ updated May 12, 2010, 11:49 AM ]

It is hard to believe but the little guys have been with us for over a week now - time sure does fly!  Besides just getting acquainted over the last 7 days, we have been busy doing lots of fun things.  We tried out our bouncy chair for the first time and LOVED the vibrate function.  Also discovered that they are much happier snuggled into 1 chair than having their own.  Hopefully the sharing gene will persist!  We also had fun soaking up some rays to eliminate any chance of jaundice (they dodged that bullet for the most part), trying out our swing (swinging together seemed best), meeting Uncle Adam & Aunt Whitney, taking our first baths, and visiting the pediatrician (Jackson is up to 4 lbs, 3 oz, one ounce away from his birth weight; Tyler is 4 lbs, 7 oz, four ouces down).  Both are really eating well now so we hope they have put on even more by Monday when we see the doctor again.  Weather is beautiful here today so we are hoping to go for our first stroll around the block with Grammy and Poppy.  Will keep you posted on how it goes...
Looking up at Mommy (Tyler on right)
Sleeping...we always mimick each other (unclear who is who)
Catching some rays (Jackson on bottom)
Swing time (Jackson on right)

35 weeks and we were admitted again...

posted Apr 30, 2010, 3:40 PM by James Burke   [ updated Apr 30, 2010, 4:11 PM by Melissa Burke ]

We had a wonderful seven days at home and actually successfully completed an OB check-up earlier in the week without being admitted...seriously...we did.  But, with two check-ups a week these days we were unable to make it out of the second check-up (yesterday) unscathed.  So, we were admitted last night and based on discussions with the docs it appears that we are not leaving without babies at this point - the plan is still to shoot for next Thursday (May 6th).  Missy still feels good, other than the discomfort that comes with carrying around 9 pounds of baby.  We don't have any personal multimedia this time, but this commercial keeps coming on at the hospital and always puts a smile on Missy's face so we thought we would share...

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