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Three months…hooray!!!

posted Aug 7, 2010, 11:15 AM by Melissa Burke   [ updated Aug 7, 2010, 11:26 AM ]

Sleep…what a precious gift that no one cherishes until they don’t get enough.  Boy do we cherish sleep right about now.  Good news is that we have crossed over the threshold.  The boys have started sleeping through the night exactly on their three month birthday last Wednesday (8/4).  I guess there is something to be said about the magical 3-month mark.  Let’s be fair though – sleeping through the night really isn’t as magical as it sounds.  In technical terms, it only means they will sleep 6 hours at a time.  So the boys are now sleeping 11pm-5am…not amazing…but we will take anything we can get.


In addition to sleep, we reached a couple of other milestones…smiles and sitting up.  The boys are now smiling more and more, and Tyler especially loves his time spent on the changing table for some reason…guaranteed smiles.  Quite a difference from his first 8 weeks when he screamed uncontrollably while on it.  Kids…they’re always changing their minds!!  They have also mastered the art of sitting up – assisted of course – in the corner of chairs and the couch.  It’s fun to see them propped up all by themselves!


We have had a fun last month.  Tyler & Jackson met their Uncle Brian and Auntie Amy and Cousins Andrew and Joseph up in Sonoma.  We have also been trying to pack in as much Bay Area fun as we can in our final few weeks here before we head back east.  Most recent activities have included lunch in Napa at our favorite winery Pine Ridge, a hike in Marin to Tennessee Valley Beach, visits with SF friends (Margaret, Betsy, Adam & Whitney, Andy & Brandi, Chad & Eliza, Noah & Angie), the Impressionist exhibit at the De Young Museum, and strolls through Golden Gate Park.  Unfortunately, the weather has been simply awful here – 60 and foggy most days – so we haven’t been able to go on our daily stroll everyday, but we are making due with bundling the boys up and getting out as much as we can.  Bring on the NC heat (remind of this next summer when we are dying)!!


As of last Monday, Jackson was 9 lbs, 13.5 oz and Tyler was 9 lbs, 12 oz.  We fully expect that they are now crossing the 10 lb mark.  Quite a jump from their 4 lb starting point.  We are now finally fitting into their 0-3 month clothes and have outgrown the newborn-sized diapers.  Amazing!


Next up on the agenda for this coming month: a trip down the coast to Carmel, Ojai and Paso Robles where we will meet up with friends Noa & Warren and Micah, Julie & Miller, another trip up to Napa for a Bain family offsite, and the exciting business of packing up.  Good thing we have people to do all the dirty work.  Next month from North Carolina…
Plenty of smiles from Tyler
Sitting up in our chair (Tyler on L)
Jackson meeting Cousin Andrew
Bundled up to go outside - the coldest winter I ever spent, indeed!!
Looking more and more alike (Tyler on L)