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3 months - moving towards a new normal

posted Aug 29, 2013, 1:03 PM by Melissa Burke
It's hard to believe, but Peter was 12 weeks old on Monday! He's now been home with us for just over a month. I keep trying to write but it seems that two 3 year olds and a new infant are prone to keep one very busy. But since this week I got the best continuous sucks out of Peter that I ever have, I thought it was due time for an update.

So things have been progressing well on the home front. There was a lot of crying the first several weeks as we worked to get Peter's reflux under control and he got over his g-tube infection. Good news is that we seem to be moving in a positive direction. He still screams bloody murder when I put him in the car seat and basically wants to be held 24/7, but at least he's now consolable and enjoying some good content awake time. As I was walking with him in the front carrier around our neighborhood earlier this week and he seemed totally happy just enjoying the fresh air, I got to thinking that maybe we are finally both getting used to each other. Perhaps we are edging our way closer to our new normal and we can now relax a bit and enjoy him being part of our family instead of stressing out that we need to analyze everything he does or doesn't do. At least that is what I'm hoping for.
A few highlights from his first month at home:
  • Graduated from the monitor during the day because he continues to prove his ability to manage his secretions (still keep it on at night for peace of mind)
  • Baptized with his brothers in a private ceremony when his Aunt, Uncle and cousins were visiting from Chicago (thank you Meta!)
  • Continues to pack it on - last Thursday he weighed 9 lbs, 12 oz (about an ounce a day and the doctors are pleased)
  • Up to date on his immunizations after staggering a bit
  • Now have both PT and speech/feeding therapies set up to come weekly to our house
  • As I mentioned above, starting to get some really good sucks out of him with my finger. Hope we can try some milk by mouth before too long
  • Discovered he absolutely loves being outside so we have tried to stroll and walk as much as possible - so thankful the weather has cooled down a little! - too bad someone stole my rockers on Tuesday right off my front porch in broad daylight...they were one of Peter's favorite spots so we are so sad. Guess the streets of Raleigh are a bit tougher than I thought!
A few pictures of our sweet Peter as of late...
Enjoying a stroll
Getting in some tummy time
Showing a little smile :)