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Best day so far

posted Jun 10, 2013, 7:54 PM by Melissa Burke
First off, I want to thank everyone for all the kind and thoughtful words of encouragement that you sent our way following my email update last night. We are simply overwhelmed by the amount of love and support we are receiving from everyone across the country. Thank you!
I'm so happy to report that today was a truly great day.  So many good things to celebrate:
  • The MRI was ultimately pretty good - there appears to be no more swelling in the thalamus region (area that originally popped on the first scan) which is excellent news.  There are 3 new small areas of swelling (2 on the outside of the lateral ventricles (symmetric) and 1 in the left frontal lobe). We still need to discuss with the neurologist to really determine what this means, but all look smaller than the initial swelling so we are celebrating that news. 
  • Peter is handling all of his secretions better and is coughing more and more to clear them on his own (instead of needing to be suctioned out)
  • We heard his voice today!! I never thought I would be more thrilled to hear my baby cry
  • He is digesting so much breast milk (through feeding tube) that he got to remove his IV (we are taking out wires and tubes one by one!)
  • He was able to start trying to feed from me today - didn't work out all that well but at least we now get to try
  • He is moving to a big crib without warmers and he gets to be swaddled moving forward
  • Peter is more alert than ever and has more and more periods of awake time and interaction with us
And when Peter's brothers decided to serenade him with their favorite song, we couldn't help but smile. Thought you might want to listen in...

Tyler sings to "Peeder"
Jackson sings to "Peeder"
Finally, as we spend more and more time with Peter it is remarkable how much he looks like J&T in the early days.  Take a look at this picture of Peter compared to J&T in their bouncy chair together.  Can anyone say, brothers?!?!
Peter (6 days old)
Tyler (left), Jackson (right) (5 days old)