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Change of scenery

posted Jun 25, 2013, 9:10 PM by Melissa Burke
Peter had quite the adventure today. We decided to move him to Duke Hospital to have some more doctors weigh in on his situation.  We were sad to say goodbye to WakeMed because all the doctors and nurses have been so excellent, but looking forward to have some more minds on the problem.  He actually managed really well on the trip - no de-sats, bradys or suctioning required which makes us think that he is going to love road trips growing up!  Here are a few pictures of the journey:
Peter's chariot to Duke - pretty impressive!
Peter inside his chariot - he actually seemed to like it
We are now fully settled at Duke. We have already had consults with Neurology, ENT and Speech and those will continue tomorrow.  Didn't make a whole lot of changes but we have now stopped the caffeine treatment and have discovered that Peter is having a lot of reflux, so we will work to address that issue as it may be causing more secretions and blocking his airway.  Overall, he has been managing things fairly well and we are seeing some more coughing and visible frustration when his airway is blocked but he still struggles to clear it all the time.  Weight is up to 6 lbs, 9 oz (7 oz over birth weight).  More to come in the days ahead as we talk to more folks at Duke to get their assessment...
Peter gazing at mom -
he makes good eye contact with us and tracks pretty well which is good to see