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Continued forward progress

posted Jul 9, 2013, 8:34 PM by Melissa Burke
Only time for a quick update tonight but Peter has continued to make advances over the last few days...
  • He seems to be tolerating his new bolus feeds into his stomach (1 hour on, 2 off) without significant reflux which is great news!
  • We got him to briefly suck on a paci on Monday and when I put some milk on my finger, I was also able to elicit some sucks, so great progress there
  • In terms of secretions, he is the quietest we have observed (particularly when he is sleeping)
  • Today we didn't observe any bradycardia and he was able to self-resolve any oxygen dips
  • EEG report was ultimately good - didn't see any cause for seizure concerns although they did say the reading looked "immature" for his gestational age (which is likely consistent with the HIE injury pattern)
So things are hopefully looking up. This week is mostly a wait and see time to ensure he continues to tolerate his feeds and observe how his suck progresses as we look ahead to a potential g-tube surgery.  He has had some irritability the last several nights from around 9pm until midnight.  We are guessing it is just a new baby thing vs. brain related - sometimes we forget all the challenges that a normal baby brings too!  Just a few pics of Sweet Peter looking at us the last few days below...