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Ever wanted to hug your neurologist?

posted Jun 11, 2013, 7:13 PM by Melissa Burke
Finally managed to catch-up with the Neurologist today and he had amazing things to say about Peter's last MRI.  He said it was really good - the new areas are so tiny and in places where he wouldn't anticipate any long term problems - if they repeat a scan at 3 months it is highly likely we won't see those areas again.  Hallelujah - those were glorious words to hear!!!  Of course, with newborns' brains, you can never be sure how they will change, but this was the good news we were hoping for!
We are still working on trying to eat.  Seems as though Peter lost his interest in sucking/swallowing when he had the ventilator and constant suctioning in his throat so we have to work to get it back.  We are hopeful now that it is not a long-term brain issue but just an adversity that he can overcome in time.
A couple snapshots from today...
Peter in his new "big boy" crib
Peter's reaction as we explained what he needed to do to start eating from Mommy
And his reaction when it really sunk in
Daddy giving a comforting hug but Peter still a bit worried
One other tidbit from today (this time a funny one). Of course, as you might expect, James and I have been asking a ton of questions of the doctors and reading as much as we can to better understand everything they have been telling us.  In fact, we have actually learned quite a bit in the 8 days since Peter was born.  When the Neurologist was with us today and James asked a pretty detailed question about the MRI technology, the doctor asked, "Oh, are you a Physician?"  To which our NICU doctor (who has taken the brunt of our constant questions) replied without missing a beat, "No, but he did stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night." It was too perfect and we all couldn't help but erupt in laughter.  Sometimes that is the best medicine.