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Happy 4 months, Peter

posted Oct 4, 2013, 7:50 AM by Melissa Burke
It's hard to believe but we have now had Peter home with us longer then he was in the hospital. Yesterday (October 3), he turned 4 months old (still shy of 3 months corrected age) and we are now starting to see him blossom a bit. Just this week he has really started to track more objects and the smiling is becoming more and more prevalent which just melts our hearts.
Unfortunately, since my last post, we haven't made a ton of progress on the sucking front because he came down with a nasty cold almost 2 weeks ago now (undoubtedly caught from one of his brothers - I'm not sure how it is possible to keep an infant well when you have walking petri dishes running circles around him). He's been super congested so I have had to suction a lot which hasn't been helping his oral aversion issues. The good news on that front though is that he seems to be managing through it just fine. I am sure he is annoyed by all that congestion, but he has been breathing just fine, productively coughing and swallowing it down...amazing!  We did a chest xray on Wednesday just to be sure and all looked clear. I have to admit that when we were in the hospital I was somewhat terrified of what would happen when he got his first cold given all his respiratory challenges, but he has proven to be a trooper through it all.  Yesterday we had a great time practicing tummy time (see video below) and smiling at big brothers.  Take a look...
Loving swinging on our new porch swing
My three sons