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posted Sep 15, 2013, 9:06 PM by Melissa Burke   [ updated Sep 16, 2013, 7:10 AM ]

Well we are all smiles lately because we have been seeing more and more of them out of our sweet Peter. Particularly if you run his legs back and forth - smiles every time! A few other things that have us happy over the last few weeks...
  • He's staring to suck more and even on a paci (still hit or miss but we've seen it!) Therapists still think it's too early to try anything by mouth but seems like forward progress
  • He's growing - almost 11 lbs last we checked last Monday and gaining about an ounce a day which has the doctors pleased (we go to Duke this Thurs for some follow up appointments so we'll get another weigh in)
  • He's sleeping! We now are enjoying about a 6 hour stretch at night so that's a plus
  • The PT diagnosed him with torticollis of his left side (basically a tight neck) which is not great (Tyler had it too), but we are seeing progress with him being willing to look to the left more and more so hopefully we can help him overcome that bias fairly soon now that we have started the right exercises
  • He can see! Admittedly we were a bit worried but he seems to be noticing and tracking objects more and more (still not totally proficient but much improved!)
We are still facing a few challenges, namely his overall fussiness and fact he wants to be held constantly. I think he's still suffering from some pretty bad reflux (particularly in the evening hours) and we upped one of his meds this week which seemed to help. He still hates his car seat and screams bloody murder nearly every time we put him in it which is no fun. If anyone has any tips that worked for other kids in the same boat, I'd love to hear them!! In the meantime, we'll just take the smiles as we get them :)