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The roller coaster ride continues

posted Jun 15, 2013, 12:27 PM by Melissa Burke   [ updated Jul 14, 2013, 9:55 AM ]
So people had warned us that life in the NICU is a bit of a bumpy ride, but I don't think we ever anticipated it would be quite this nauseating.  So we left yesterday evening (Friday) worrying that Peter might need to get the ventilator put back in - he was having a bunch of trouble regulating is oxygen sats and heart rate because he has so much nasty stuff stuck in his throat that he is finding hard to clear.  It felt like we had taken 2 steps backward which was super frustrating.
But after a good night last night and the doctor managing to feel 4 good sucks from him today, we are hopeful that we might possibly now be on a positive trajectory.  He still really needs to work on protecting his airway and sucking/swallowing, but the couple of sucks today are baby steps in the right direction.  Our doctor even did a happy dance when he felt them!
A couple other good signs:
  • Peter is now fully up on his milk feeds through the ND tube and no longer needs the IV
  • He's fully found his cry and let's you know when he's not so happy
  • He's bringing his hand to mouth much more in order to self soothe
  • The ENT docs came in to look at the structural integrity of his nose/throat and all looks good
We are not out of the woods yet and we really appreciate your continued prayers for steady forward progress.  Here's hoping that we might manage to get 2 good days in a row starting tomorrow!!
Catching flies
Lots of people have been asking us if we are managing to get any sleep.  Jackson & Tyler have been very good about coming into our room every morning to make sure we are doing just that.  Mommy isn't quite so lucky given the nightly pumping requirements but here are a couple shots I managed to get of our sweet boys with their daddy the last 2 mornings...

Jackson & Daddy
Tyler & Daddy