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Uneventful is a good thing

posted Jun 13, 2013, 9:02 PM by Melissa Burke
Today was a rather sleepy day, which was a welcome change after all the events of the last week and a half.  Peter already seems to be improving from the lung issues that plagued him yesterday. His color is better and his stats were much higher.  They did another chest x-ray today and it already looked improved.  So all good things. They also restarted him on milk feedings although this time with an "ND" tube that will bypass his stomach and take the milk right down to the start of his intestine.  The benefit of this approach is hopefully no more reflux while he is trying to build strength in his throat to protect his airway properly.  We are praying this is the break he needs to regain that control so he can start eating by mouth.
One other positive sign - Peter is starting to do many more things you would expect of a baby.  He has definitely found his cry and is not afraid to use it when something doesn't go his way (pricked with an IV, changed with a cold wipe, pulled out of kangaroo time).  He is also moving his hands to his mouth to self-soothe and coughing and gagging more than he has been.  All this seems minor, but the NICU nurses assure us this is all great progress to celebrate, so I will take it!
Most of today was spent kangarooing our Sweet P, hoping that it helps him relax and heal...
Trying to simulate the 3 weeks he was supposed to still be in there
The epitome of multi-tasking